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Modern Day Tantrika

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“I guide women to their most empowered, sensual and fulfilled self. “

Hello Sister! Welcome to this space as a divine miracle as you are. Yes, you! The woman who has been navigating life’s ebb and flow, standing resilient amidst storms and shining even when the world tries to dim your glow. The one whose spirit refuses to be confined, even when faced with countless “shoulds" and “shouldn'ts".

I am here to walk this path of deeper empowerment with you, to bring out the most liberated, authentic, and magnetic version of you.

Are you ready for this transformation?

I have found Tantra to be the only spiritual path that takes you there through pleasure.

 My name is Laayla and I am a testament to the transformation tantra can bring to a woman's life. I am a modern-day priestess and my life’s work revolves around sacred sensual feminine arts from ancient temples.

( ...but I bring it to you in a modern contemporary way! )


If you have ever yearned to scream, dance, love, and live on your own fierce terms, then darling, together we will rewrite your narrative of what it means to be a wildly passionate, unapologetically authentic woman who has discovered boundless joy.

What is Tantra?

Tantra is a profound mystical tradition, which encompasses all aspects of life. It is a path rooted in ancient wisdom that originated in the Indian subcontinent thousands of years ago. The word Tantra in itself is made up of two words, TAN - which means body, and TRA - sacred scriptures. Through practices such as meditation, breathwork, mantra chanting, deity worship, and rituals, tantra offers a gateway to self-discovery, healing, and transformation in every area of life. It calls us to embrace all emotions, desires, and experiences as doorways to spiritual growth or personal fulfillment...whatever the goal may be. 

Tantra is inclusive of our sexuality and shadow parts, something often rejected by other spiritual paths, cultures, and religions. That is one of the reasons it is often misunderstood as just a sexual path to bliss. Also, the appropriation of  Tantra in Western culture has led to the misunderstanding and belittling of this powerful spiritual path as just a means of sexual pleasure. Tantra teaches you the use of sexual energy beyond pleasure and procreation.


Modern Tantra which is also called Neo-Tantra although promises life-altering experiences, happier relationships, and better Intimacy, it can be far from its original source. Having said that, in whatever form, modern or traditional, Tantra touches your life it will bring bliss and more meaning to it. 

 I have been on the Tantric path for many years and dedicated myself to spreading the knowledge. After learning from renowned teachers in the Neo Tantric world, I am now deeply called to study Traditional scriptures and practices. I have devoted myself to the study of  ‘Kashmir Shaivism’, a lineage believed to have come directly from Lord Shiva.

In today's fast-paced and constantly demanding world, dominated by masculine energy, it is increasingly difficult for a woman to freely express her femininity, sensuality, and creativity. Tantra comes in as a whiff of fresh air whispering to your soul, urging you to surrender and to embrace the freedom and pleasure that awaits you. Tantra as a multi-dimensional tool for transformation leads to spiritual expansion, and establishes a strong connection with the very fabric of existence.

Work with me ...

1:1 Coaching for Women:
Empowered Creatrix

Personalized transformational Coaching to help you embody Tantric Goddess wisdom so you can materialize all your heart’s desires.


If you're looking for deep transformation - a new you, not just bandaging your wounds for the time being and feeling good superficially. If you're looking to completely wash away everything that you don't need, full dry cleaning of your inner world, and letting go of everything, any part of you, any aspect of you that is not serving you, that stands between you and réalisation of your goals, personal or spiritual, with a deep understanding, a spiritual understanding, and mystical understanding a material understanding of what is, then Empowered Creatric is for you. 

I wish I had something so resourceful put together in one place when I started my spiritual journey. Yes, it needs hard work and patience. but this is years and years of work that I've put together for women to come into their most empowered selves.


Group Sessions for Women:
Tantrika's Temple

Dive into a bi-weekly circle of sacred feminine connection, transformation, and Tantric wisdom. A powerful circle bringing together women standing strong in their feminine power.


Join the Tantrika's Temple in my cozy temple space, a haven for women seeking deeper intimacy, connection, self-love, magnetism, and sensuality.


Every session explores everyday challenges we women face like self-love, self-worth, shadow work, sensuality, embracing our inner Goddesses through archetype work, healing past traumas, and many more. Let Tantra guide you through a magnetic journey of self-love and passion. Open the door to a more magnetic, sensual self.

Kundalini Breath and Bodywork

This 1:1 session offers a holistic approach to activate your body’s inner healing abilities.

Kundalini Breath & Bodywork is a transformative journey grounded in ancient Tantric wisdom, aiming to unlock potential and release trauma. Merging breathwork, bodywork, and psychological insight, these sessions rejuvenate by awakening dormant kundalini energy and releasing emotional blockages.


Participants undergo a deep emotional and spiritual exploration, addressing traumas and aligning with their true essence. Benefits include reduced stress, healing from past traumas, and experiencing elevated states of bliss.


Testimonials attest to its transformative impact. The journey aims to honour the body's innate power and potential.

Book a session today for this transformative journey of self-realisation.


Ecstatic Dance Meets Tantra (eDMT)

I have infused my passion and ancient knowledge of Tantra with the modern form of movement practice, Ecstaic Dance . Discover the sensual being within you through this transformative group dance practice. Imbued with tantric principles, this guided dance journey will connect you with your body and beyond . Experience the power of embodied movement with curated music. Awaken your senses, boost your confidence, and nourish your soul. Book a session to dive into the flow, listen to your body, and dance to the rhythm of your pleasure. Unleash your inner brilliance and feel the unconditional positive regard for the beauty within you.

Why work with me?

Beyond all qualifications, I have a deep devotion to this path and it's my honor to guide phenomenal women like you in unveiling the creative powerhouse within.

Through my own metamorphosis, I've discovered the unparalleled joy of empowering women. I deeply believe, with every fiber of my being, that women hold the transformative energy the world earnestly awaits.

Over the last decade, I've immersed myself in the profound depths of Tantra and other age-old mystical traditions, seeking wisdom from many masters across the globe, from the realms of Tantra to Taoism.

My training  also spans coaching in female sexuality and relationships, complimented by expertise in Breathwork. I've delved into the intricacies of Kashmiri Shaivism, Theta Healing, Hypnosis, Reiki, and beyond.

With a tapestry of diverse modalities at my fingertips, I've created a unique approach to rekindle the inner creatrix in women who yearn to reconnect with their inner power.

Having specialised in bodywork and de-armouring, I've recognised that true healing unfolds when we embrace every facet of our existence - the body, the mind, and the heart.


So, together, lets embark on this journey to rediscover your inner creatrix.

What my sisters' say...
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Kundalini Breath and Bodywork

Experience somatic healing and release.

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