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Fulfill your desires • Activate Eros • Embody the goddess.

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Personalized transformational Journey to help you embody Tantric Goddess wisdom so you can materialize all your heart’s desires. 

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Imagine if ...

-Your fiery spirit isn't just tolerated but worshiped. Where your deep intense desires are not just shushed but amplified. 


You no longer felt limited or held back by the scars you carry, but started feeling expanded and liberated from your past.

You melt down the walls around your heart, awaken passion, and allow yourself to truly open up to love, life, and ecstasy

Your body becomes a temple and every desire you have is sacred and precious.

You had the tools to endure anything in life and alchemize pain and difficulties into gifts shaping your destiny, the way you chose it.

You moved with absolute trust in your journey, embodying self-worth and self-love, magnetizing all your desires. 

You could use your sensual turn-on and your powerful sexual energy to manifest your desires and drop any shame and guilt around it. 

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I feel the people who will get the best results by being coached by Layla are the ones who want to become their best selves and are committed to doing the work. I will continue to be coached by Layla as her support is extremely powerful and I resonate with her on a deep level.

Adina , Romaina . 

Heading 1


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If you've ever yearned to scream, dance, love, and live life on your fierce terms, then Sister, it's time to finally learn to love yourself unconditionally, show up from an empowered place in your life, and get on your path to creating the life of your dreams. And that’s exactly what I’ll guide and support you through Inside of Empowered Creatrix, to your most empowered and sensual self. Together we will rewrite your narrative of what it means to be a wildly passionate, unapologetically authentic woman who has discovered her boundless inner creatrix.


This is what the Empowered creatrix portal comes with:


10 Live personal 90-minute weekly 1:1 coaching calls with me

Weekly recorded Tantric practices and meditations

Weekly self exploration worksheets

Sensual Embodiment practices to activate your Eros Traditional devotional priestess rituals

Weekly journal prompts

Accountability throughout our journey

Sensual and empowering playlist for the empowered Creatrix

Bonus: Sex Magic ritual for manifestation

Laayla sitephtoo.jpg

Empowered Creatrix is not just a coaching program, it’s a portal to the union with your inner Goddess. Yes!! You are Goddess Lakshmi , Kali , Durga and Aphrodite.

This portal is for you if -

● You feel stuck in a toxic relationship feeling stifled but unable to gather the courage to leave or stand up for yourself.

● You are tired of chasing emotionally unavailable men who give you crumbs of their attention, wanting to seek validation for your worth but are never fully seen for the beauty you know you hold within.

● You struggle with finding true friends/sisters who support you rather than compete and put you down.

● You crave epic sex but feel disconnected from pleasure, stifling your sexual energy, perhaps adhering to societal norms and expectations at the cost of your deep-seated desires.

● You hold yourself back fearing that embodying who you truly are could mean losing loved ones and you consistently prioritize other’s needs over yours.

● You are dependent on the men in your life to take care of your basic needs which is thrashing your self-confidence daily.

● You Lack direction, purpose, and strength to create the life you have always wished for …

Laayla background_edited.jpg

I know what you're going through, Goddess, because I have so been there.. I am Laayla, and I'm so lucky to call this coaching journey my life work, and mission. I'm here to empower you to love yourself. live courageously & and intentionally and bring even your most outrageous dreams to life!

Empowered Creatrix promises a shift in your reality if you commit to the process and practices with an open mind.

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The Transformation:
Empowered you...


You'll luxuriate in prioritizing yourself and your desires, fully absorb your worth, ensuring that you are seen, valued, and never overlooked, liberating yourself from the martyr role, stepping gracefully into a space of self-honor.You'll cultivate relationships that nourish and uplift you, breaking free from destructive cycles.You'll chase your dreams fearlessly, unburdened by practicality and free from the chains of 'shoulds' , dancing through life with your Authentic Self, navigating every step with alignment and genuine fulfilment.


You'll unleash and honor your sexual energy, liberating yourself from societal constraints. You'll live ferociously authentic, untethered by societal expectations and true to your inner wild , wearing your vulnerability as a badge of strength, knowing you’re never alone in your battles.You'll celebrate your body, embracing its beauty and your sexuality without an ounce of shame extracting joy and satisfaction from every moment, living life in its fullest expression.


You'll master your intuitive and psychic powers, efortlessly steering through life’s waves ,finding validation from within, breaking the chains of external approval and afrmation.You'll wield your power boldly and unapologetically like a true GODDESS making choices in work and relationships that reflect your true desires.


The Journey

10 Live Calls with Coaching, Embodiment + Support.
We will be covering the following topics in our sessions together.


Concluding a clear vision of your hearts desires and getting turned on with the idea of fulfilling them all


Integrating all your inner shadow goddesses. Making your shadows sacred and loving them. This is what Tantra taught me , love the darkness to bring it to light.


Inner marriage of the masculine and feminine. Bringing balance to your life so you can manifest from a place of desire and not need.


Evoking your Inner KALI, DURGA & APHRODITE to restore your strength, sensuality and wisdom.


Digging deep to find the limiting beliefs, conditionings and fears that have put a ceiling on your fulfilment journey .


Befriending the wound and the pain to get the best medicine from it.


Soothing the little girl in you back to joy and bundies of laughter like she always deserved.

SURRENDER TO LIFE’S MAGIC to fully lean into surrender and trust in the Divine Plan fully supported by your inner masculine who I call SHIVA.


Devotion to the Goodess within and outside you. With Devotion comes trust and with trust comes courage to lead.


Tantric sensual rituals to dive deep into desires. Making your deepest and darkest desires healthy and ready for fulfilment.


Ancient somatic practices to harness the wisdom of your body and your lady parts.


With a Radiant, Open Heart & Sex... you are the author of your heroine's journey. What will you call in next?


( Special Surprise )

Feedback from my sister's

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Thank you for holding space for me today and guiding me. I felt very safe and understood by you and that you also really wanted to help me. I appreciated both you challenging me and mentioning my gifts. I found both of these very helpful. Moreover, what helped me a lot was you reading to me what I had said - this was very helpful for me to observe this pattern's influence on me. Also, I liked what you shared, especially the image you got in your ayahuasca journey. It was a very powerful session and I am very grateful for you being my coach. You are amazing and very gifted and I hope many people will benefit from your work and energy.

Rachel ,IBIZA.


You have questions?
I've got answers!

What type of coaching is this?

Empowered creatrix is a one-on-one desire fulfillment coaching inspired by ancient tantric wisdom. In Tantra, your desire is the key to unlocking the gates to your evolution. Within your desires are hidden the secret to your true potential and your purpose. By embracing your desires and following them you are rising to empowerment and your true goddess nature. There will be 10 live coaching calls with me and I will support you in any way I can throughout our journey together. The calls work most effectively if done weekly but there can be flexibility to suit your schedule

How do I know this coaching is for me?

If your desires feel out of your reach and you are always at the compromising end of things then this coaching will clear the blocks in the way and open you up to magnetizing your desires and leave behind the chasing mindset. That's the power of femininity within you. This container was born from my own experiences of healing, rising and thriving, and I desire to share what I have learned along the way.

What if I still need support after the ten sessions?

I will always be around to guide and help you. You can book extra sessions with me at a discounted price for the next one year . It will be a forever sisterly relationship between us.

What is expected from my end?

Your full commitment and involvement in the process. Come with an open mind and an empty vessel to fill it up with wisdom that will transform your life.

Who is welcome to join?

This program is designed for women but men may also join If they feel called to embark on a tantric initiation to desire fulfillment. I will be interviewing the people before to gauge if they are ready and dedicated to the devotional process of transformation.

Do you issue refunds?

All sales are full and final and refunds will not be issued as I will be putting in all my efforts to give you the best from my end, it’s a partnership between us if you give me your full eforts I promise there will be no need for refunds.

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