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My Offerings

1:1 Coaching for Women:
Empowered Creatrix

Personalized transformational Coaching to help you embody Tantric Goddess wisdom so you can materialize all your heart’s desires.


If you're looking for deep transformation - a new you, not just bandaging your wounds for the time being and feeling good superficially. If you're looking to completely wash away everything that you don't need, full dry cleaning of your inner world, and letting go of everything, any part of you, any aspect of you that is not serving you, that stands between you and réalisation of your goals, personal or spiritual, with a deep understanding, a spiritual understanding, and mystical understanding a material understanding of what is, then Empowered Creatric is for you. 

I wish I had something so resourceful put together in one place when I started my spiritual journey. Yes, it needs hard work and patience. but this is years and years of work that I've put together for women to come into their most empowered selves.


Group Sessions for Women:
Tantrika's Temple

Dive into a bi-weekly circle of sacred feminine connection, transformation, and Tantric wisdom. A powerful circle bringing together women standing strong in their feminine power.


Join the Tantrika's Temple in my cozy temple space, a haven for women seeking deeper intimacy, connection, self-love, magnetism, and sensuality.


Every session explores everyday challenges we women face like self-love, self-worth, shadow work, sensuality, embracing our inner Goddesses through archetype work, healing past traumas, and many more. Let Tantra guide you through a magnetic journey of self-love and passion. Open the door to a more magnetic, sensual self.

Kundalini Breath and Bodywork

This 1:1 session offers a holistic approach to activate your body’s inner healing abilities.

Kundalini Breath & Bodywork is a transformative journey grounded in ancient Tantric wisdom, aiming to unlock potential and release trauma. Merging breathwork, bodywork, and psychological insight, these sessions rejuvenate by awakening dormant kundalini energy and releasing emotional blockages.


Participants undergo a deep emotional and spiritual exploration, addressing traumas and aligning with their true essence. Benefits include reduced stress, healing from past traumas, and experiencing elevated states of bliss.


Testimonials attest to its transformative impact. The journey aims to honour the body's innate power and potential.

Book a session today for this transformative journey of self-realisation.

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