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The sacred sanctuary for women to help embody eros, divine power, and ancient wisdom within.

For the women who want to awaken their desires, reclaim their passion and step into their power.

Imagine a space where you, a magnificent woman, is revered as the temple of sensuality, passion, and Shakti energy. A space where your desires aren't just acknowledged but are made sacred. Where Eros meets Shakti, creating a divine dance of love and longing.

 That space is Tantrika's Temple .

An in person gathering in Dubai of women  to embody Tantric wisdom and practices to wake up the innate  intelligence that we each hold in our bodies as manifestation of Shakti , the divine feminine itself  . 

We will cultivate a relationship with our feminine essence that makes fragrant the river of love between us , our loved ones and life .


Dear sister, I invite you to join our Shakti tribe, a community of awakened women. Our circle will include collective meditation, sharing of our gifts with one another, singing ,dancing, learning and embodying ancient wisdom of Tantra. To come together as an authentic sisterhood to fix each other’s crowns 👑 and awaken the Tantrika in each of us .

If you feel called to attend the in person sessions in Dubai and be a part of the Shakti Tribe, please join the whatsapp group for Tantrika’s temple . 

Welcome to our Shakti tribe, Our Tantrika's Temple...
Laayla sitephtoo.jpg

Why join Tantrika's Temple ?

 Tantra for the Modern Woman:

It's not  just about ancient chants in a forgotten language. It's about brining timeless wisdom to cope with today's challenges.

 Deep Impact with Ancient Practices:

Meditate, breathe, dance! Let’s venture into the vastness of your being, together, as a tribe.

Fall in Love with Shiva:

Feel the Divine Masculine's embrace and awaken the magnetism within.


From Fear to Faith:

Face your shadows, not to be engulfed by them, but to transform them into your strength.

Laayla sitephtoo.jpg
Tantrika's Temple will help you...

  •  Revel in the art of self-prioritization, embracing your desires as not only valid but vital.

  • Harness your innate power with courage, casting aside the fear of loss or the weight of condemnation.

  • Craft a life that mirrors your innermost yearnings, choosing paths in your career and personal life that resonate with your soul’s truth.

  • Honor your physical form, finding freedom in expressing your sexuality and beauty without reservation or regret.

  • Step out of the shadow of self-sacrifice, into the light of self-respect and mindful self-care.

  • Celebrate and channel your sexual vitality, breaking through the confines of outdated norms.

  • Roar with the voice of your truest self, unshackled by societal dictates, dancing to the rhythm of your internal drums.

  • Adorn your vulnerabilities with honor, recognizing them as conduits of connection and pillars of shared human experience.

The Ultimate Tribe


In Person monthly 

Live Monthly Sacred Ritual

Exclusive Whatsapp Comminity of Incredible Sisters 

Monthly Transformation Workbook

Creating events together & sharing each others gifts 

Discount to Exclusive Workshops and Transformative Journeys held by me.

About Me

                Hi Sister ! I'm Laayla, your Modern day Tantric priestess

and sister in this Shakti tribe. From the maze of an unhappy marriage and a disconnected life, I dived deep into the mysteries of Tantra and other spiritual traditions , finding salvation in their ancient wisdom .

My journey had its twists and challenges, but through deep understanding of the

the divine play of consciousness and its creation , which is a gift of

Tantra to me I found my peace , purpose and true calling .


Now, blending age-old spiritual wisdom with modern practices, I'm passionately devoted to guiding sisters like you towards a life of desire, love and fulfilment to transform them into their inner creatrix.

I created Tantrika's Temple to come together with powerful Shakti's like you and share love, knowledge and practices of Tantra so it can sweeten your life too .  

Together, we weave a magical container and journey into the Feminine Mysteries to help you birth the full expression of your soul gifts, feminine magnetism, and creative destiny!

Ready to unlock your limitless potential and dance to life's rhythm? Let's do this, together.


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