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" Tantra is the Dance of creation.The Dance of Shiva & his Shakti. Lets come together and dance ecstatically to celebrate the inner union ." 

Ignite your inner sensual being through the captivating fusion of ancient Tantra and modern Ecstatic Dance. Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, guided by the wisdom of tantric teachings, connecting you with your body and beyond. Experience the enchanting power of embodied movement, synchronized with curated music, setting the stage for an uplifting and conscious dance floor.

If you've never experienced Ecstatic Dance before, allow me to introduce you to its magic. Discover a space where you can freely dance, celebrate, and connect with the consciousness within you . Embrace this art therapy as a means of expressing yourself through movement, unleashing the emotions and memories the music elicits within you. Feel the subtle but powerful transformation, leaving you lighter and elated after a soul-stirring dance.

The music's intentional beats , lead by tantric knowledge , combined with the rhythm of your body, will take you to euphoric states and emotional release. By dropping into your body and listening to its wisdom, you create a sacred space for bliss to unfold. Join me on this liberating journey of embodied wisdom and soulful connection – an experience that will leave you uplifted, transformed, and deeply fulfilled. Embrace Ecstatic Dance as a gateway to your true self and a pathway to joy and liberation.

Upcoming Events


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Past events...

Upcming Evens
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eDMT - Balancing Shiva Shakti and a cacao ceremony

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eDMT - Drop into your body - Sensual Flow and a cacao ceremony

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eDMT - Feeling the divine and a cacao ceremony

See what everyone says:

1 / Freedom of Expression

Ecstatic dance encourages participants to move freely and express themselves without judgment or inhibition. You'll feel the liberation to dance however you feel, letting your body and emotions guide the movements.

2 / Connection and Community

These events often foster a strong sense of community and connection among participants. People come together with a shared passion for dance and self-expression, creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.

3 / Emotional Release

Dancing in a non-judgmental space can lead to emotional release and catharsis. The combination of movement, music, and supportive environment allows you to release pent-up emotions and stress.

4 / Mind-Body Connection

Ecstatic dance encourages mindfulness and a deep connection between the mind and body. You become more aware of your physical sensations and emotions, enhancing self-awareness and presence.

5 / Euphoria and Joy

The combination of rhythmic music, free movement, and positive energy often leads to feelings of euphoria and joy. You'll likely experience a natural high and a sense of elation during and after the dance event.

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