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Tantrika's Temple: Awaken your Divine Sensuality

The sacred, monthly circle that helps you embody eros, the power, and the ancient wisdom within you.

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The monthly membership community where women awaken their desires, reclaim their passion and step into their most juicy and magnetic feminine self.

You are more than the subdued voice, the background hum, the reluctant nod of approval. You, my beautiful woman, are a blazing fire of desire, passion, and love. Yet, society often dims your spark. You're buried under the weight of responsibilities, societal norms, and the fears of what others might think.

Isn’t it time you break through the chains?

For too long, religion and society have painted our desires as selfish, even sinful. But what if I told you that your yearnings, your lust for life, and your intimate wishes are not just valid but sacred? The journey I offer isn't about some fleeting 'love and light'. It's a deeper, more profound embrace of both the light and the shadows within.

I want you to thrive. Not just survive.

This is for you if you have ever felt like this...

“Why do I feel so out of touch with my own sensuality?”

"How do I rekindle sensuality in my relationship?"

"I'm struggling to connect deeply with my partner"
"I am struggling to have incredible orgasms or feel deep pleasure"

"Why do I feel like I'm not ever enough no matter how hard I work?"
"Why do things feel so difficult for me?"

"Why do I not feel powerful in my body as a woman?"
“Why does love, in its purest form, feel so elusive?”
"Since I've had kids, excitement and passion has been missing from my life."
"Wanting to prioritise myself makes me feel like a bad mother or wife."

“Am I forever bound to the shackles of societal expectations?”

I felt exactly like you do...

There's another way...
Welcome to our tribe, Our Tantrika's Temple.

Imagine a space where you, a magnificent woman, are revered as the temple of sensuality, passion, and untamed energy. A space where your desires aren't just acknowledged but are made sacred. Where Eros meets Shakti, creating a divine dance of love and longing.

In this monthly mastermind membership, we dive deep into the heart of what it means to be a modern Tantrika - spiritual, magnetic, and sensually awakened. We harness ancient wisdom to craft a modern-day priestess out of you. Together, we'll meditate, dance, breathe, cry, orgasm and celebrate. You'll learn to lust for life, transforming that lust into a magical force propelling you towards everything you've ever wanted.

We infuse ancient Tantra and Tao principles with a modern twist, making it accessible and impactful for you. We'll invoke the Shiva nature within you, understanding that we are creators of our destiny. We will become the magnetic feminine – the Shakti, invoking the right Shiva into our lives. We'll let consciousness permeate our bodies, awakening the wisdom already etched within.

What's included:

And most importantly:


An Exclusive Community 

Engage with like-minded Tantrika sisters. Share, support, laugh, cry, and grow together in a space free of judgment.

What we'll focus on each month:

Why Dare to Take This Journey? Why Now?

Modern Tantra for the Modern Woman:

It's not about ancient chants in a forgotten language. It's about blending timeless wisdom with today's challenges.


Deep Impact with Ancient Practices:

Meditate, breathe, orgasm, dance. Let’s venture into the vastness of your being, together, as a tribe.


Fall in Love with Shiva:

Feel the Divine Masculine's embrace and awaken the magnetism within.


From Fear to Faith:

Face your shadows, not to be engulfed by them, but to transform them into your strength.

See what my clients say...

I thought this was normal ...

My own journey was a rollercoaster of emotions and rediscoveries. Disconnected and always trapped in the maze of my thoughts, I yearned for genuine intimacy, not just the fleeting physical kind, but a deeper, soul-stirring connection. It was Tantra that anchored me. This ancient wisdom didn't ask me to shun my shadows but to embrace them, dance with them. It taught me that suppression was never the solution, but embracing was. That the sacred sensuality I sought outside was always within me, waiting to be kindled.

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Anna , Dubai

"Laayla, you won't believe how much I thought about what you said about compassion and self-appreciation and understood how much of it was lacking for me! I never imagined anyone listening so deeply to what I said and you not just understood but felt exactly what I was going through. To be honest, no one has ever been able to figure out why I had been so restless, so demotivated, but then in our sessions, I could actually explore those hidden parts of me which I didn't even know where hidden: now I just want to practice what you told me to and see how life turns out differently...Thank you!
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