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Imagine... you feel empowered, independent, guided, sensual, and magnetic. You finally feel true 
self love?

Have you ever felt that you're stuck beneath layers of what society expects from you or what being a good mother, wife or daughter involves. Maybe deep beneath, there's a potent, raw, and passionate energy within you? A juicy feminine force that yearns to dance, to create, feel, to be fully realised? You're not mistaken.


She's there, waiting for the perfect rhythm to be unleashed. Dive deep into a journey where the divine dance of masculine and feminine energies unlocks a universe of magnetic allure, unbridled passion, and manifests your desires into reality.




It’s time for you to tap into that energy, to awaken the magnetic feminine force within, and harness the magic of ancient practices. Why? Because when you awaken that dormant power, you become irresistible, not just to the world, but to the universe itself.​

Life's journey often takes us through winding roads, and along the way, we sometimes lose our true essence. I know you fear that chasing this inner "feminine energy" might result in rejection or abandonment. I know you fear that prioritising your happiness could lead to a void of love and acceptance.

Most of what you’ve been taught about "life as a woman" is wrong.

Allow your untamed Creatrix to rise...
Ignite Desire, Break Norms, and Empower Your Sensual Self.

Ready to start?

My signature, personalised desire fulfilment coaching imbued with ancient Tantric wisdom. A 24-week journey to making your dreams manifest...  

1:1 Inner Alchemy - Rise of the Untamed Cretrix

As we embark on this 24-week journey together, we won't just explore Tantra as a path of self-realization, but as a tangible tool for empowerment, transformation, and sensual enlightenment. It's a dance of energies, a symphony of ancient wisdom and modern desires, tailored to help you craft your unique story of self-discovery and powerful magnetism.

Our feminine essence, the Eros within us, is pure magic. It's a cosmic force of attraction, a magnet that can draw desires into reality. The universe, in all its expansive glory, is masculine energy – vast, conscious, and protective. You will tap into your juicy feminine energy and unlock a direct channel to this universal masculine force. You become receptive, attuned to its whispers, its guidance, and its gifts.

But that's not all. As you nurture this inner balance, you'll notice a transformation in your outer world too. Your relationships will evolve; there will be a newfound magnetism, a sizzling connection with your partner's masculine energy. For, when you embrace your Shakti, your Eros, the world responds by embracing you back with love, passion, and unbridled desire.

This love for Shiva, the consciousness, the masculine, is pivotal. It's not just about understanding and embracing our own feminine power but also about honoring the masculine forces, both within us and outside. When these two dance in harmony, the magic truly begins. Invoking sex magic to manifest desires isn’t just an art; it’s a sacred ritual, a commitment to crafting our reality.

Together we will ...


The Ultimate Transformation


12 x 1-1 Coaching calls or Kundalini Breath and Bodywork sessions

Lifelong access to the Inner Alchemy: Rise of the Creatrix Course

Unlimited Whatsapp Support for the 24-week Transformation

Weekly Journal, Breathwork Practice and Workbook

Access to a library of Exclusive Meditations

Discount to Exclusive Workshops and Transformative Journeys


See what my clients say...

I see you. I feel you...

Like you, I once felt disconnected from the core of my sensuality, from the temple that is my body. Lost in a labyrinth of thoughts, I looked for validation in fleeting attention, numbing the darkness I felt within. Unhappy in my marriage, I felt selfish for wanting more. I felt scared of letting my children, my partner and my family down. I felt fearful of my desires and didn't understand why I couldn't manifest what I truly wanted.


But then, Tantra happened to me, and it changed everything. As I delved into the these arts, I began to understand the intricate dance between Eros (the feminine essence) and consciousness (the masculine force). I realised the power of the inner union, the sacred marriage between these polarities, and it's this knowledge, this code, that unlocked realms of unimaginable strength and sensuality within me.

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The Tantric Way ...

In my journey, Tantra wasn't just about rediscovering the pleasure of intimacy. It was about finding my way back to the very essence of my being—using the dance of Shiva and Shakti, the balance of masculine and feminine energies within. It was about plunging into the depths of my fears, shadows, and suppressed desires, not to remain there but to transmute them into pure, unbridled passion and self-love. It was about understanding the deep well of desires not from a place of societal need but from the authentic callings of my heart. Tantra allowed me to embrace my inner desires and sensuality to create a life that I truly love; not through abandoning my previous relationships but by creating renewed, more connected and deeper versions of those relationships with my children, husband, family and friends.

Your desires are sacred ...

Countless courses, books, and self-proclaimed gurus advocate a constant state of positivity — suggesting that the path to fulfilling your desires is paved solely with "love and light". They paint a picture where achieving passion, happiness, and stronger family relationships requires you to become an ever-smiling robot. Meanwhile, societal and religious limitations often label your desires as selfish, even implying that prioritising yourself makes you less of a mother or wife. And revisiting past traumas in therapy sessions, only to feel more broken with minimal healing? It's not the solution.

This isn't a failing of those teaching these methods. Many have a limited view of life, seeing it strictly as Good vs. Bad or Male vs. Female or White or Black. They've yet to grasp the potency of embracing and harmonising life's inherent dualities. What's often overlooked is the sacred nature of desire; Only when we honour and harness this force, can we truly transcend and manifest the reality we want.

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