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Modern Day Tantrika

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“I guide women to the most empowered, sensual and fulfilled self. “

Hey babe,

You already are a divine miracle. Yes, you. The woman who has been navigating life’s ebb and flow, standing resilient amidst storms, and shining even when the world tries to dim your glow. The one whose spirit refuses to be confined, even when faced with countless “should”and “shouldn't.


You desire to be ___

I am here to walk this path of deeper empowerment with you, to bring out the most liberated, authentic and magnetic version of you.

Are you ready for this transformation?

I have found tantra to be the only spiritual part that takes you there through pleasure.

Hi my name is Laayla and I am a testament to the transformation tantra can bring to a woman's life. I am a modern day priestess and my life’s work revolves around sacred sensual feminine arts from ancient temples , (but I bring it to you in a modern contemporary way).


If you have ever yearned To scream, dance, love, and live on your own fierce terms , then darling! Together will rewrite your narrative of what it means to be a wildly passionate, unapologetically authentic woman who has discovered boundless joy.

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Fullfil your desires ...

When you find yourself lacking passion or encountering obstacles in manifesting your desires, it can be challenging not to blame life or yourself. It's important to understand that the repeated appearance of unwanted circumstances does not lie solely on your shoulders. While you may believe you have conscious control, it is often deeper subconscious programming that is at play, dictating your actions.


What you truly require is a safe space where these hidden thoughts that hold you back can be explored. Through the utilization of multiple modalities such as transformative breath work, somatic healing, and alchemical coaching, I can assist you in releasing trauma and limitations that reside within your mind, body, and soul.


This process of liberation will enable you to manifest your desires as you embark on your personal journey towards self-actualization.

Work with Me

Ecstatic Dance Meets Tantra (eDMT)

I have infused my passion and ancient knowledge of Tantra with the modern form of movement practice, Ecstaic Dance . Discover the sensual being within you through this transformative group dance practice. Imbued with tantric principles, this guided dance journey will connect you with your body and beyond . Experience the power of embodied movement with curated music. Awaken your senses, boost your confidence, and nourish your soul. Book a session to dive into the flow, listen to your body, and dance to the rhythm of your pleasure. Unleash your inner brilliance and feel the unconditional positive regard for the beauty within you.

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Tantrika Temple: Awaken your Divine Sensuality

Dive into a monthly circle of sacred feminine connection, transformation, and Tantric wisdom. A powerful circle bringing together women standing strong in their feminine power.


Join the Tantrika Circle, a haven for women seeking deeper intimacy, connection, self love, magnetism and sensuality.


Every month, explore issues like self love, exploring the dark, dirty and divine, body love, exploring inner pleasure and embracing our 'Inner Aphrodite'. Let Tantra guide you through a magnetic journey of self-love and passion. Open the door to a more magnetic, sensual self.

1:1 Inner Alchemy
Rise of the Untamed Creatrix

Rediscover intimacy, connection, and passion in your relationship through the ancient wisdom of Tantra.

A 24-week personalized coaching program, steeped in ancient Tantric wisdom, offers a transformative journey into self-realization, empowerment, and sensual enlightenment. This blend of age-old wisdom and modern aspirations is designed to create a unique narrative of self-discovery and attraction.


By tapping into the powerful feminine essence or Eros within, individuals can connect deeply with the masculine, expansive energy of the universe. This inner alignment also reflects externally, enhancing relationships and increasing one's allure. Embracing and respecting both the feminine (Shakti) and masculine (Shiva) energies creates harmony, turning the act of manifesting desires into a sacred ritual.

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Kundalini Breath and Bodywork

These 1:1 session offers a holistic approach to activate your body’s inner healing abilities.

Kundalini Breath & Bodywork is a transformative journey grounded in ancient Tantric wisdom, aiming to unlock potential and release trauma. Merging breathwork, bodywork, and psychological insight, these sessions rejuvenate by awakening dormant kundalini energy and releasing emotional blockages.


Participants undergo a deep emotional and spiritual exploration, addressing traumas and aligning with their true essence. Benefits include reduced stress, healing from past traumas, and experiencing elevated states of bliss.


Testimonials attest to its transformative impact. The journey aims to honour the body's innate power and potential.

Book a session today for this transformative journey of self-realisation.

Why work with me?

My expertise as a Tao Tantric priestess encompasses the sacred feminine arts cultivated in ancient temples. Through my life's work, I have guided women on a transformative journey towards discovering profound joy, boundless passion, ineffable ecstasy, and enigmatic love that resides within them.

Certified and trained by experts in modalities like Tantra , Taoism , feminine arts of ancient Goddess temples and modern modalities like breathwork, kundalini bodywork , ecstatic movemen. I facilitate profound alchemical shifts deep within you. As you embark on the path of self-realisation with me, you will naturally manifest an abundance of synchronistic experiences perfectly aligned with your heartfelt desires, fostering a harmonious attunement with the universe.

Tantric Teachings

A Modern Day Tantrika

Tantra, at its essence, is a profound spiritual tradition that encompasses both the mystical and the mundane aspects of life. It is a path rooted in ancient wisdom, inviting us to expand our consciousness and unlock our true potential. Tantra recognizes that divinity permeates every aspect of existence, celebrating the union of the spiritual and the physical realms. 


Tantra is a holistic approach to life that embraces all facets of human experience. It guides you on a transformative journey to liberate your very essence. It whispers to your soul, urging you to surrender, to unravel the illusions, and to embrace the boundless freedom that awaits. In the liberation of self, you discover the interconnectedness of all things, the profound harmony of existence, and a deep sense of divine unity, forever transformed by the radiance of your own soul.


Through practices such as meditation, breathwork, mantra, and ritual, Tantra offers a gateway to profound self-discovery, healing, and transformation. It invites us to embrace all emotions, desires, and experiences as doorways to spiritual growth and awakening. Ultimately, Tantra invites us to remember our inherent divinity and live from a place of love, presence, and conscious embodiment.

Nandini , Dubai

"Laayla, you won't believe how much I thought about what you said about compassion and self-appreciation and understood how much of it was lacking for me! I never imagined anyone listening so deeply to what I said and you not just understood but felt exactly what I was going through. To be honest, no one has ever been able to figure out why I had been so restless, so demotivated, but then in our sessions, I could actually explore those hidden parts of me which I didn't even know where hidden: now I just want to practice what you told me to and see how life turns out differently...Thank you!
Ecstatic Dance Meets Tantra (eDMT)


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