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Awaken the Power Within: Kundalini Breath & Bodywork Sessions

Unlock your potential, release stored trauma, and let blissful energy flow through you with these holistic 1:1 healing sessions.

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Kundalini Breath & Bodywork is more than just a session – it's a profound journey into the depths of your being. Grounded in the compassionate wisdom of ancient Tantric philosophy, this transformative modality harmoniously blends conscious breathwork, attentive bodywork, and psychological insights to release blocked emotions, awaken the dormant kundalini energy, and instill a radiant sense of well-being.

Kundalini - Your Dormant Power

You are a divine being with boundless potential. But over time, life's experiences might have created barriers, dulling your inner radiance. Our sessions are tailored to peel away these layers, guiding you in a dance of emotions, thoughts, and spiritual enlightenment. Whether it's confronting your shadows or rejoicing in your light, together we'll pave a path towards a balanced, integrated, and harmonious existence.

Often visualized as a coiled serpent, Kundalini is the potent life force energy lying dormant within you. This isn't just about awakening this energy, but creating a space for it to flow, cleansing traumas and illuminating your true essence. When Kundalini stirs, it may manifest as kriyas or involuntary movements – a testament to its transformative might. By honouring the Goddess "Ma Kundalini" within, you allow unparalleled healing and rejuvenation.

Delve Deeper into the journey ...

What to Expect...

Every individual brings a unique essence, and correspondingly, each session unfolds as a singular journey. As you lay down, enveloped in an ambiance of tranquility and intent, you may find yourself immersed in:

Over the long haul, the benefits of Kundalini Breath & Bodywork extend beyond the session, fostering a transformative journey tailored to your spiritual, emotional, and physical evolution.

Each session is designed to be an immersive experience, inviting you to engage with and understand deeper aspects of yourself.

Ready to experience this transformation?

See what my clients say...

Who this is for..

  • Those seeking to release stress and anxiety.

  • Individuals yearning to remove life blockages and embrace expansion.

  • Those ready to confront and heal old traumas.

  • Those who don't want to relive the painful experiences but instead focus on healing.

  • Anyone eager to experience heightened states of happiness and bliss.

  • Individuals curious about orgasmic energy as a healing force.

Anna , Dubai

"Laayla, you won't believe how much I thought about what you said about compassion and self-appreciation and understood how much of it was lacking for me! I never imagined anyone listening so deeply to what I said and you not just understood but felt exactly what I was going through. To be honest, no one has ever been able to figure out why I had been so restless, so demotivated, but then in our sessions, I could actually explore those hidden parts of me which I didn't even know where hidden: now I just want to practice what you told me to and see how life turns out differently...Thank you!
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